AgroNova is a leading player in recycling of organic waste. The company has more than 10 years worked with sustainable solutions for food waste and municipal sewage sludge.

AgroNova process is a solution that converts organic waste into high-grade biomass in just a few days. The process is patented.

At our facility in Moss the production of Fibral® takes place. We have a full-scale testing / treatment facilities for organic waste located next door to the production, where we test out and run different composting equipment suitable forAgroNova process.

AgroNova is a manufacturer of Fibral and technology provider of composting processes. In addition, we carry an extensive R&D work on the final product, the biomass. We will in future seek the most sustainable and economically beneficial system for the biomass, which will ensure our clients optimum operation and utilization of the organic waste.

Center for Innovative Environmental Technology

Co-located with AgroNova in Moss we find the Centre for Innovative Environmental Technology (SIM). SIM is a research and development center for companies in the new green energy, and a hotbed for new sustainable solutions.

In addition to AgroNova AS we find companies Våler Fjernvarme AS and RETUR AS renovation services.


Kjell Aanerød -    Chief Executive Officer

                            Kjell has more than 20 years experience in the recycling                

                           industry and is engaged in a number of companies within

                            waste management and recycling.

Lars Falch -         Senior Advisor

                            Lars is a graduate economist and has many years of     

                           experience with the development of businesses 

                            and concepts from a variety of industries.

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Composting organic waste with The AgroNova Process

The AgroNova process is a patented treatment process for organic waste where newsprint, Fibral®, is added for optimum composting. 

The entire composting process occurs naturally and in a few days. Fibral® is also a super absorbent structure material that removes unpleasant odours from the organic waste. 

Organic waste consists usually of 90 to 75% water. This water is removed effectively by the AgroNova process through heat and evaporation that takes place in the composting process. Up to 90% of the water disappears, and we are left with a biomass of solids up to 85% (depending on time and mass).

The treatment takes place locally, for example at a municipal treatment plant. The transportation need are reduced by up to 60%


ACU is a generic term for composting Equipment adapted to theAgroNova process. All equipment recommended by AgroNova has undergone extensive testing and trial runs with Fibral ® and various organic wastes. ACU´s placed locally at the client and compost waste at the source, the place where the waste arises.

AgroNova do not produce composting units, but use equipment from different manufacturers. Our recommendations are based on customer volume, demand and trade power, as well as the use of biomass after treatment.

Organic waste containing Fibral undergoes a rapid composting process in the ACU, where we ensure optimal conditions for the biological composting process. The temperature is monitored and in some versions of the ACU heat is applied if biology does not reach the required temperature ranges .

All ACU´s is vented over roof, and because of Fibral odor reducing is no needed . Composting process takes place in just 5to 7 days and raise the dry matter (DM) from 10 to 25% up to 70 to 80%. Because of the reduced water content is the amount of biomass to be transported down by up to 60%.

On the vertical composting units it is used a compost accelerator of polyethylene to help ensure optimal air supply to the mass to be treated. The compost accelerator are taken out after composting and reused again. This compost principle is currently on R & D stage.

AgroNova working targeted to the leading suppliers of composting equipment and continually product improvements in our own full-scale test facility in Moss.

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